Governor Dayton Responds to Revised State Budget Projection

Following a state budget forecast showing a nearly $1.2 billion improvement in Minnesota’s budget deficit, Governor Mark Dayton holds a news conference in the governor’s reception room to announce his response. According to an email from the governor’s office, Dayton’s revised budget will eliminate his proposed surcharge, thus fulfilling his promise to keep Minnesota’s top tax rate below the nation’s highest. In addition, Dayton’s revised budget, to be presented formally in the coming weeks, will:

• significantly reduce approximately $200 million in proposed cuts to the Department of Human Services for seniors’ long –term care including nursing homes and home health care, Minnesota Care, and community action grants

• restore the funding for metro and rural transit to eliminate any state-imposed need for fare increases

• restore cuts to fire safety training

• increase the research and development credit to promote Minnesota job growth

• and provide $5 million to the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) for the Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF) and the DEED Redevelopment Fund.


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