Gov Dayton Spells Out What GOP Cuts Will Do To Minnesota

What will Minnesota look like if budget cuts proposed by Republicans are passed? This morning he painted a picture of closed Minnesota parks, fewer inspections of the meat we eat, and a slowing down of approving environmental permits for construction. He also said the the Republican tax plan which is being sold as a “middle class tax cut”, in reality provides the biggest tax cuts to wealthiest Minnesotans.

Dayton said Minnesotans making between $30,000-$49,999 would see an average tax cut of $26. Minnesotans earning between $250,000 – $499,999 would see a $206 tax reduction.

“To give a tax cut that provides a higher benefit to the wealthiest Minnesotans and pretend that it’s targeted to lower and middle income Minnesotans is simply not truthful and that lack of candor is really destructive to the kind of public policy debate that we really should be having here.” said the Governor. “Once again the Republicans just simply can’t help themselves at providing the richest Minnesotans with more benefits then they provide to middle income families, working families.”

Governor Mark Dayton asked several agencies to provide examples of what would be cut.

Some examples include:

oThe DNR said a 20% cut will mean seven state parks will be closed and 14 others only will provide rustic camping (no showers, limited services/staff). That will mean $300 million in lost revenue to the state.

•A 25% cut to the DNR would mean 15 parks will be closed, 14 others will provide rustic camping only, and the state will lose $500 million in revenue.

•The Department of Agriculture will be forced to eliminate dairy development grants and reduce meat inspections.

•The MPCA and DNR said budget cuts of this magnitude would negate the permitting process acceleration and streamlining just passed by the legislature.


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