Judge Looks For Logic, Not Emotion To Make Shutdown Funding Decisions

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It’s not a question of who deserves funding during Minnesota’s government shutdown, it’s a question of who legally can receive funding. Special Master Kathleen Blatz is sorting out the many appeals to a ruling limiting shutdown spending to just “core services” of Minnesota’s government. She is telling groups appearing before her to focus more on the legal arguments and less on the emotional appeals.

Press Release from Governor Dayton’s office:

Following Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin’s June 29th order allowing certain “critical core functions” of state government to continue, Governor Mark Dayton has identified additional critical services to be provided during the shutdown. In a submission to Special Master Kathleen Blatz late yesterday, Governor Dayton identified additional categories of critical services, which he believes fit within the Chief Judge’s order and should be continued. Among those programs are:

*Special education aid.
*Chemical dependency and mental health services.
*HIV case management and counseling services.
*Services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes.
*Child care assistance.
*Services for the homeless, the disabled, and other vulnerable Minnesotans.

The Governor pledged to have his cabinet continue to assess regularly whether additional services need to be deemed ‘critical’ and restored.

“Because of the strict language of the Minnesota Constitution, there are severe limits on what state government can do without legislative appropriations,” said Governor Dayton. “Chief Judge Gearin’s Order confirms those limits. We will continue to do the very best we can within the Court’s Order to protect the lives, health, and safety of all Minnesotans.”

Commissioner of Human Services Lucinda Jesson will attend today’s Special Master proceeding to clarify and resolve further issues as they arise.

Court schedule

8:00 AM Open
8:20 AM Store to Door Mary Jo Schifsky, Exec. Director
8:40 AM The Emily Program- Lindsay Brown, Dir. of Business Development
9:00 AM Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota – Susie Schatz
9:20 AM Open
9:40 AM Minnesota Hospital Association-Ben Peltier, Vice President, Legal Services
St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development- Maureen Walsh
Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies- Mary Regan Executive Director
10:00 AM – 10:20 AM RECESS
10:20 AM Minnesota Inter-County Association- Keith Carlson, Exec. Director
10:40 AM Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC)- Suzanne Koepplinger, Exec. Dir.
Lori Magnuson, Finance Dir.
11:00 AM Minnesota State Retirement System- Dave Bergstrom, Exec. Dir.
11:20 AM- Minnesota Auto Dealers Association Atty: Tom Hanson & Lloyd Grooms, Winthrop & Weinstein
11:40 AM Association of Minnesota Counties- Jeff Spartz, Exec. Director
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM RECESS (Lunch)
1:00 PM League of Minnesota Cities Atty: Tom Grundhoefer
1:20 PM SEIU Local 284, Kids First MN; Sharon Born, Terry Bicknell, Rebecca Hall, Justin Cummins
1:40 PM Minnesota Association of Community Rehabilitation Organizations (MACRO)- Atty: Tom Johnson
2:00 PM Ramsey County – Atty: James Mogen
2:20 PM Ramsey County Atty: James Mogen – Bd. Chair Victoria Reinhardt (testifying in these matters)
2:40 PM Ramsey County Atty: James Mogen
3:00 PM – 3:20 PM RECESS
3:20 PM Adam Helseth Director of Government Affairs Minnesota Trucking Association
3:40 PM Sam Walseth (lobbyist) Lifetrack Resources
4:00 PM Partners for Affordable Housing (PAH) Pam Bartholomew, PAH Executive Director, Christopher Gaffer Board VP
4:20 PM Minnesota Historical Society- David Kelliher, Dir. of Public Policy
4:40 PM Open

Video Playback – Store To Door

Video Playback: MN Hospital Association & Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies

Video Playback: MN Inter-County Association

Video Playback : MN Indian Women’s Resource Center

Video Playback: MN State Retirement System

Video Playback: MN Automobile Dealers Association

Video Playback: Association of MN Counties

Video Playback: Several groups- SEIU Local 284, Kids First MN- Minnesota Association of Community Rehabilitation Organizations (MACRO) & Ramsey County

Video Playback: MN Trucking Association

Video Playback: Lifetrack Resources

Video Playback: Partners For Affordable Housing

Video Playback: Minnesota Historical Society


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