Gov Dayton Offers To End Shutdown

Governor Mark Dayton Talks at Health Care Discussion in Rochester, MN

Click picture to view video of Governor Dayton's Press Conference On Budget Offer

Governor Mark Dayton “reluctantly agrees” to the last Republican offer made on June 30 to end the Minnesota shutdown.

The last offer shifts school aid payments to $700 million dollars, and issues $700 million in “tobacco bonds” to cover the remaining gap.

Dayton added three conditions to his offer. First the Republicans must abide by their public statements that they will take all policy issues off the table. Second they must drop their arbitrary 15% across-the-board reduction to employees in all agencies, regardless of their funding source. Third, that after all the budget issues have been resolved in a special session, Republicans must support and pass a bonding bill in that session not less than $500 million to put people back to work throughout Minnesota.

If Republicans agree, a special session could begin within three days.

More video and Dayton’s offer to Republican leaders.

Here is a copy of Dayton’s letter today Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers: DaytonLettertoKochZellers

And here’s a video replay of Governor Dayton reading his offer:


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