Replay-FCC Votes On Net Neutrality

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Above: FCC News Conference after the vote
Below: The FCC discusses and votes on Net Neutrality

The biggest free speech issue of our time comes up for a vote at The Federal Communications Commission. A “Net Neutrality” proposal that is neutral in name only. It allows internet providers to ration access.

Many free speech and internet advocacy groups have sent letters to the FCC saying the proposal is not “real” net neutrality.

Those groups say the proposal lacks a ban on paid prioritization of online content, which would prohibit Internet providers from charging websites for a “fast lane” to reach users more quickly.

Senator Al Franken — perhaps the biggest Net Neutrality supporter on Capitol Hill — criticized the plan Friday, saying it wasn’t ambitious enough. You’ll remember that The UpTake interviewed Franken and progressive FCC commissioners Michael Copps and Mignon Clybourn in August when they attended a Net Neutrality town hall forum at Minneapolis’ South High School.

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