Republicans Ditch Ethics Committee Meeting

Where are the Republican members? GOP ethics committee members are a no-show for a late night meeting.

Two Republican members of the Senate ethics committee decided not to return as promised Friday night to deliberate what to do about a complaint against Senator Geoff Michel, who is also a Republican. The committee was scheduled to reconvene after the Senate finished its business for the day. Chair Senator Michelle Fischbach posted a notice saying “I do not intend to reconvene” the meeting. She cited advice from legal counsel saying the committee members should discuss whether or not to press ahead before reconvening the meeting.

The complaint from DFL Senators says Senator Michel lied to the press when he claimed he had only recently learned about the affair Senator Amy Koch was having with her staffer Michael Brodkorb, when in fact he had known about it for months.

During the hearing earlier in the day, Senator Fischbach stopped testimony several times when saying that discussing it any more could adversely impact a pending lawsuit against the Senate from Brodkorb.


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