Gov Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall, Loses Senate Majority

Democrat John Lehman's State Senate Victory Removes Wisconsin GOP's Majority

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won a recall election that was ignited over his dismantling of workers’ rights more than 16 months ago. But Democrats may have won a majority in the Wisconsin’s Senate that could block Walker’s agenda.

Unofficial results are available here.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Walker has a 53% to 46% lead over Barrett. Turnout for the election was heavy with nearly 2.5 million votes being cast.

Democrats had to win just one of the four state Senate seats up for election and it appears they have. Democrat John Lehman is claiming victory in his race against Republican state Senator Van Wanggaard in the Racine area. With 100% of the vote reporting Lehman has 36,255 votes to Wanggard’s 35,476. The 879 vote margin is 1.25% of the vote which is too large for an automatic recount. Wisconsin will automatically recount the votes if the margin is less than one percent. If the margin is larger than that there can be a recount, but the candidate requesting it must pay for it.

Video from election night
Above is a video replay of the election night coverage courtesy of our friends at WORT-FM in Madison and at the Progressive.

How did we get to today? The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler has put together a timeline of The UpTake’s coverage of Wisconsin’s historic battle over workers’ rights.


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