Minnesota Gubernatorial Debate At Hamline University

KMSP has posted 10 clips from the Gubernatorial debate it put on at Hamline University. Media were not allowed at the debate, so this is all we can show you. The first clip is below.  To see the rest of the clips click here.

Mark Dayton Hot Button Question
Should voters expect a Governor Dayton will also be a flawed Dayton?

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MN Governor Candidates Debate At Hamline University- Machine Transcription

All Minnesota Governor Candidates Debates-Captioned

Tom Horner Hot Button Question
What can voters read into your responses during the campaign and conclude about your transparency if you become governor?

Tom Emmer Hot Button Question
What lessons have you learned from your mistakes, and as governor what would you do to keep drunks off the road?

Which Candidate Can Bring People Together?
Every candidate claims he or she can bring people together but often failed to do so once in office. In this charged political environment, and given your personal histories, why should voters think that you should be any different?

What Economic Promise Can You Make?
What promise can you make right now regarding the unemployment level and Minnesota’s economy should you become governor?

Getting Specific With Budget Plans
Each candidate has a plan to fix the $5.8 billion projected budget deficit, but there’s still a lot of plans with questions.

Bullying and Gay Rights in Minnesota
The candidates address recent events of bullying, specifically targeting gay teens, and discuss their stances on gay rights issues in Minnesota.

Common Ground Amongst the Candidates
Is there anything that you respect about the other candidates, and do you have any policy positions that you share?

Rapid Fire
Rapid fire questions for the candidates from the panel.

The Final Sell
The candidates wrap up the debate at Hamline University with their closing remarks.


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