MN Capitol Live- School IOUs, Teacher Layoffs And Abortion

A busy Monday at Minnesota’s state capitol.

At 10 AM parents and DFL lawmakers introduced the “Pay Back Our Kids” act —a plan to pay back $2.2 billion in IOUs that schools were left with after last year’s state budget was approved. Replay below:

At 11 AM the Minnesota Senate debated and passed 36-26 a bill that makes it easier to lay off teachers with seniority. Replay below:

At 1pm, Minnesota’s Senate Health and Human Services committee heard and approved two controversial abortion bills. Senate file 1912 would make it a crime to administer what are currently prescription abortion drugs without a doctor being present. If the doctor isn’t present the bill also allows fathers or maternal grandparents to sue the doctor. Republican Senator Paul Gazelka is the author of the bill.

Also heard today was Senate File 1921which requires clinics that perform non-surgical abortions be licensed by the state. Senator Claire Robling is the author of the bill.

Both bills contain a “severability” clause which is often put into legislation when it is possible parts of it might be found unconstitutional.

Playback below:


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