MN GOP Legislative Leaders Move To Defend Their Voter Photo ID Language

Misleading language on a constitutional amendment ballot question that would require a government issued photo ID to vote in Minnesota is being challenged before the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Republican authors of the amendment need legislative approval to oppose the challenge in court. Today, the Minnesota Legislative Coordinating Commission which is made up of leaders from both the House and the Senate voted to spend $18,000 to intervene in the case.

House MInority Leader Paul Thissen opposed the move calling the legal intervention “unprecedented.” House research supported that saying the legislature as a whole had never intervened in an already existing Supreme Court case. It has filed “friends of the court briefs” and initiated or defended lawsuits, but has never intervened on behalf of both of the House and Senate in an existing case.

“We’re going to be spending more tax dollars to do what we should have done right the first time,” Representative Thissen told the commission.


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