“Tax Fairness” Question Gets A “No New Taxes” Answer From MN GOP

Minnesota Republican leaders are asked the obvious question. Governor Mark Dayton has said he wants tax fairness. Minnesota’s wealthiest play a much lower percentage of their income in taxes than the middle class or the poor. Are they going to budge from their position to avoid a special session and a possible government shut down?

Senator Amy Koch repeats the Republican mantra of “no new taxes”, but does not address the question about tax fairness.

Senator Geoff Michel answers a question from Star Tribune reporter Lori Sturdevant who has researched state government tax increases. Sturdevant reports that most states have raised taxes in the last four years. Minnesota has not. Senator Michel says Republicans won the 2010 election because they promised no tax increases.

DFL Response. Full video of GOP news conference

DFL leaders say they are glad Minnesota Republicans are finally putting out a budget that is closer to the “all cuts” budget they promised so Minnesotans can really see how devastating that can be.


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