MN House Approves “Photo ID” Constitutional Amendment

The Minnesota House debates and passes a controversial constitutional amendment requiring a state-issued photo ID to vote in a Minnesota election. The vote was 72-62 along party lines. If it is approved by the Senate it would be put on the Fall election ballot.

Outside the Minnesota House chamber Representatives of both parties talk about the voter photo ID constitutional amendment and the issues it brings up. The debate on the amendment went late into the night Comments from Representatives Thissen, Simon, Clark, Rukavina, Hornstein, Eken and Stensrud

More highlight videos:
Representative Mary Kiffmeyer makes the case for her bill:

Representative Steve Simon makes the case for using electronic poll books instead. The amendment was defeated.

Representative Rena Moran (DFL -St. Paul) says requiring a photo ID to vote is a “21st Century Jim Crow Law” aimed at disenfranchising more than blacks, but also the elderly, the poor and others.


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