Replay:Minnesota Special Session Approves Storm Disaster Aid

Above: video archive of House debate in today’s special session

With only one dissenting vote, the Minnesota House and Senate today approved disaster relief legislation that allows counties hit hard by a series of June storms to get federal disaster funds. The vote in the Senate was was 59-0 and 127-1 in the House. The legislation allows the state to use unspent funds from other disasters to reimburse counties $4.7 million for their losses. The rest of the $18.5 million in disaster relief will come from the federal government.

Today’s very brief four hour special session focused on the disaster relief, but Republicans proposed bills that would repeal taxes enacted earlier this year. None of those bills was brought up for consideration. Limiting the session to just disaster relief was per agreement between Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders of both parties.

Below: video archive of Senate action during today’s special session.


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