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Monday, March 25, 2019

9:30 am: Senate Committee on Rules and Administration Committee
Minnesota Senate Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy 
Committee Resolution 2-2 Senate contribution to the employee deferred compensation program 
S.F. 751 (Rosen) Opiate epidemic response; registration fee; response advisory council; response account; appropriation; provisions modifications; valid photographic identification (photo ID) requirement for purchase; reporting. 
S.F. 390 (Ingebrigtsen) Reinvest in Fish Hatcheries Citizen-Legislative Advisory Group establishment. 
S.F. 1264 (Anderson, P.) Legislative commission on cybersecurity establishment. 
S.F. 910 (Kiffmeyer) Agency contracting for information technology services flexibility; MN.IT practices and business software implementation reforms; department of human services information technology services consolidation; legislative commission on information technology creation; legislative auditor expansion; appropriation. 
S.F. 2185 (Kiffmeyer) Art grant application data submitted to board of arts or to regional arts councils classification authorization. 
S.F. 1496 (Jasinski) Motor vehicle titling and registration provisions modifications; vehicle registration task force creation. 
S.F. 1294 (Draheim) Legislative commission on housing affordability establishment. 

11:00 am: Senate Floor Session

1:00 pm: Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy
H.F. 15 (Benson) Voluntary relationship defense for criminal sexual conduct crimes elimination. 
S.F. 1430 (Dibble) Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) use by law enforcement agencies regulation. 
S.F. 620 (Jasinski) Passing on multilane roads speed increase allowance; driving in left-most lane on multilane roads prohibition and penalty; public awareness campaign. 
S.F. 2468 (Latz) Predatory offender registration provisions modifications. 

3:00 pm: Senate Committee on Human Services Reform Finance and Policy
S.F. 357 (Draheim) Autism spectrum disorder and mental health conditions diagnosis driver’s license or identification card disability designation authorization. 

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