Video Replay: Wisconsin Election Commission Sets Recount Timeline

The Wisconsin Election Commission approved a recount of the nearly three million votes in the state’s presidential election. The recount will begin on Dec 1 in 72 counties and results should be submitted to the commission by 8pm December 12. The commission will then review and approve the recount.

Commission chair Mark Thomsen responds to Donald Trump’s allegations that there were illegal votes counted in the election. During a meeting Thomsen says “Saying there were illegal votes counted is really inappropriate.”

He later says Trump’s “unfortunate” comments were “an insult” to Wisconsin election workers.


“From my point as that chair of the commission, I think it is most unfortunate that the president-elect is claiming there’s huge with our system and that’s feeding what i call this conspiracy theory.

Personally I’d like him to come down out of his Trump tower and go off to Wautoma in Waushara county and spend the time with the folks on the ground that are counting these votes. I mean he won that county.

But to say that it’s not being fair or that people are counting illegal votes, from my vantage point, is an insult to the people that run our elections.

We have 1,854 municipal clerks and 72 county clerks . They deserve better treatment.”

Here is video of the meeting where the recount timeline was approved:

Commissioners answer questions from the press:

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