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What other rights should require photo ID? Click photo to hear Rep Lesch's ideas and vote on them.

If Minnesota is going to require a photo ID to vote, perhaps it should consider requiring a photo ID for some of our other rights such as going to church suggests Democratic State Representative John Lesch.

How about showing a photo ID so you can have a gun in your house (as opposed to walking around with outside which you need to have a permit) or a photo ID to prevent unreasonable search and seizure or to peacefully assemble?

Representative Lesch’s point is that those rights don’t require a photo ID and never should. He says that voting which is a more highly protected constitutional right should not be subject to the same standards as buying cigarettes and cashing a check.

What do you think? Watch and read Representative Lesch’s comments and vote in our poll.

Representative John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul)

“So what else do we consider really, really, really important that we should also have and ID for—constitutionally? Should we have an ID to, it’s been said, to render a political opinion? Should we have to show an ID in order to have an opinion on the (House) floor here today?

“What about if you have an opinion on the internet? Should you have to show an ID for that? Or with your co-workers?

“Should you have to show an ID to go to church? Most of us thinks that’s inviolate —First Amendment , freedom of religion. Do you have to show an ID to get into church? What if we made a law to say that?

“What about to show an ID to peaceable assemble? Now remember this is peaceable assemble. This is not if you’re doing something crazy and the cops come to say what are you doing. Peaceably assemble. Should you have to show an ID to do that?

“Or to have a gun in your house? Some people might think that’s reasonable. But in fact, why should you have to have an ID to have a gun in your house? Now if you’re going to take it out and walk around that’s one thing.

“What about an ID in order to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, something we hold sacred. Cops come to your door, bang on your door say ‘you know what, we got a warrant.’ You say ‘let me see that warrant.’ Cop says ‘well let me see your ID first.’ No. Constitution says we don’t have to do that. They got to show you the warrant. They got to have a warrant.

“What about to be free from excessive bail or cruel or unusual punishment? You didn’t pay your parking ticket. $100,000 bail. Well hang on a second, just … ‘let me see your ID.’

“These are things you should not have to have an ID for, because they’re integral to our rights as a person who lives in this country. ”

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Should a photo ID be required to vote or exercise any of the other constitutional rights Representative Lesch mentions?
  • Yes
  • No
  • For some rights, but not others
  • Not sure


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