Sen Franken: Bullying LGBT Kids Is Discrimination

Senator Al Franken (D- Minnesota) says the relentless bullying of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transexual children is discrimination, but our laws fail to protect them. That is why he has introduced legislation to protect LGBT kids and that legislation now has the endorsement of President Brarack Obama.

Senator Franken said Minnesota’s proposed “anti-marriage” constitutional amendment should be defeated. He likened the discrimination against same-sex marriage to the discrimination against mixed-race marriage in the 1960s.
Franken recounted the case of Loving vs. Virginia where the state argued a mixed race couple could not get married because their races came from different continents. In 1967 the US Supreme Court ruled against the state 9-0 and said the couple did indeed have the right to get married.

Franken made his remarks during the Minneapolis White House LGBT Conference on Families. More video from the conference.

The conference featured remarks by Bryan Samuels, Commissioner of the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, Department of Health and Human Services; and Stuart Delery, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division, Department of Justice.

The conference was hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement in partnership with Family Equality Council. Participants will receive important updates from senior administration officials from the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Personnel Management

The White House LGBT Conference on Families is part of a series of conferences that are being held around the country specifically focused on LGBT Americans. These White House LGBT Conferences will provide grassroots leaders, community organizers, advocates, students, and interested citizens an opportunity to hear directly from the administration officials on our efforts on behalf of LGBT Americans.


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