Should You Know If Corporations Are Spending On Anti-Gay Campaigns?

(Above-replay of end of Campaign Finance Board Meeting)

Is part of that $100 you spent on groceries this weekend going to finance a campaign against gay marriage? Right now there’s no way for you to know. In Minnesota corporations do not have to report their political spending on ballot initiatives. That’s significant since millions of dollars are expected to be spent fighting or supporting an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment that will be on Minnesota’s 2012 election ballot.

Minnesota’s Campaign Finance Board has long held that such spending does not need to be reported. However it is now considering the advisory opinion it issued on this in 1997 because it is confusing. That could open the door to requiring corporations to report their spending. Today the board voted to do more exploration of the issue and meet again in two weeks to discuss and consider any action.

Below: Tom Prichard President of the Minnesota Family Council explains why there shouldn’t be disclosure:

Below: Josiah Neeley, a lawyer for “Minnesotans For Marriage” a group supporting the anti-gay marriage amendment tells The UpTake why there shouldn’t be disclosure. Interview with audio begins at 47 seconds into the video.

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Agenda
Minnesota Campaign Board Staff analysis of advisory opinion

Full video of the Campaign Finance Board Meeting

(Please note, the audio on most of the meeting is overmodulated. We apologize for this technical difficulty.)


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