Strengthening Democracy: Live From Democracy Convention 2013 In Madison, Wis.

The Democracy Convention, billed as “Nine Conferences, One Movement,” happened this weekend in Madison, Wis. The convention looks at ways to strengthen democracy from many angles including economics, defense, and yes, politics.

Above is the closing session from Sunday. Speaker: Debra White Plume. See below for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s sessions. .
Videos from the first Democracy Convention (which also was livestreamed on The UpTake) can be watched here.

See replays, read our live blog and specifics on the sessions we’ll be livestreaming.

Wednesday Convention Opening Plenary with Gar Alperovitz

Speakers: Bryan Kennedy, Gar Alperovitz, Medea Benjamin

Thursday 7pm – 9pm Convention Roundtable Plenary CONVENTION ROUNDTABLE PLENARY

Speakers: Ben Manski, George Friday, Jill Stein, Leah Bolger, Leland Pan, Margaret Flowers, Norm Stockwell, Richard Monje, Roshan Bliss, Victoria Collier

Click here for list of all Democracy Convention sessions


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