Voter Photo ID “Crummy Deal” For Vets

Calling it a “crummy deal” for military veterans, Colonel Mark Mayer, appealed to lawmakers to not pass a constitutional amendment requiring a photo ID to vote. Mayer says military personnel barely have time to vote absentee, much less return home to show an ID.

Representative John Lesch (DFL- St. Paul) showed his military ID and said that it was “ludicrous” that he wouldn’t be able to use it to vote in Minnesota under voter photo ID. “It exposes really that this bill is a solution searching for a problem. That the people who propose a constitutional amendment that doesn’t really have any details have their heads in the sand.”

Colonel Mayer is a U.S. Air Force NATO commander who retired with thirty years of service in June 2002.

Full news conference video of veterans speaking out against photo ID

Minnesota Veterans explain how voter photo ID will impact them.

U.S. military veterans as well as current members of our armed services gather to express concerns over how a photo ID amendment will hamper their right to vote. They call on legislators supporting photo ID to explain why they’re trying to make it harder for members of the military, and veterans, to vote.

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Mark V. Mayer, Colorado
Alex Erickson, Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Minneapolis
State Representative John Lesch, St. Paul
Sgt. Erika Hiller, United States Army Reserve, St. Paul


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