Poking Holes In Voter Photo ID

The first public hearing of the revamped voter photo ID showcased many of the flaws in the constitutional amendment. Despite claims that the photo ID would be free, testimony showed that it would only be free up to 20 days before an election. After that, it would cost to get the photo ID in time to vote. And if you happened to vote with out a photo ID and your ballot went into the “provisional” pile, you’d have to spend to get the ID since a free one would take 20 days and you only get 10 days to prove your identity for your vote to count.

Voter Photo ID bill author Representative Mary Kiffmeyer says voter education will fix that problem. Election officials testified that there’s not enough time before the law is implemented to do adequate voter education.

As you can see in the video, Representative Kiffmeyer avoided questions about the unequal treatment of voters at the polls who would need to show an ID vs absentee ballot voters who would not.

In the evening hearing Representative Steve Simon offered to replace the word “photo” in the amendment with language that would allow new technology. Representative Kiffmeyer refused, first stating it would allow for vouching and then after it was explained the new language would not do that, she just said she didn’t support the change.

Representative Simon also said the bill as written was an “engraved invitation” to a lawsuit because the language that was proposed for the ballot didn’t match the language that was actually in the constitutional amendment.

The House Government Operations and Elections committee which was hearing the bill voted to approve it 9 to 6.
Video of rally, testimony and more

Public testimony on the bill was mostly negative.

A rally against the bill before the hearing:

Video of both morning and afternoon hearings

Above: Video from afternoon hearing on voter photo ID

Below:Video from the morning session


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