Voter Photo ID Amendment Sent To Minnesota Voters

After passing the Minnesota House in the dark of night, the Republican backed voter photo ID constitutional amendment is passed on a 35-29 party line vote in the Minnesota Senate. Barring any legal challenge, it will be on the November general election ballot.

Since it is a constitutional amendment it does not require Governor Mark Dayton’s signature. He vetoed similar legislation last year because it did not have much bipartisan support.

Here is the proposed voter photo ID constitutional amendment and ballot question
Full video of the debate and other highlights:

Debate highlights:
Voter photo ID amendment author Senator Scott Newman says that if you don’t “remotely resemble” your drivers license photo, your will need to cast a provisional ballot and then have to come back later to prove who you are for your vote to count.

Senator Warren Limmer says the reason Minnesota needs a constitutional amendment requiring a government issued photo ID is so “we can identify people who are the proper people to vote.”

Click here to read the Minnesota legislative twitter feed and watch the video at the same time.


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