Watch As Non-Profits Make Their Give To The Max Day Pitches

Over the years, The UpTake has asked many non-profits to make their pitch on live video during Give To The Max Day. This year we’re playing back some of those pitches in hopes that you’ll be moved to help out these organizations.

While we have your attention, please consider supporting The UpTake on Give To The Max Day.

For years, The UpTake has shown up to amplify the voices that don’t get heard as often in the legacy media. We’re tackling the problem of structural racism by empowering authentic storytellers. We are giving journalism training, tools and support to those who are best positioned to see and tell these stories — the people who experience structural racism in their daily lives.

The UpTake is funding local journalists and providing them with video equipment to document structural racism and be better overall visual storytellers. More funding will mean more fellows can fully concentrate on journalism instead of piecing together an income with two or three jobs. Funding The UpTake means these bright future journalism stars will have a job that will pay the bills while they do their important work.

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Live Blog Give To The Max Day 2015

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