Video Replay: Wisconsin Recount Begins – St. Croix County

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The recount in Wisconsin began on Thursday Dec. 1. This was the scene in Hudson, Wisconsin where about 44,000 of the state’s nearly 3 million ballots must be recounted.

Here are the results from St. Croix county for day 1:
Trump lost two votes. Gary Johnson lost one vote. Both were because absentee ballots lacked all of the proper information. Since they don’t know who those people voted for, the rules say a ballot is drawn at random from the same reporting unit. In this case the ballots were drawn from the Town of Glenwood (the one for Johnson) and Hammond (the two for Trump.)

Twelve reporting units that were counted for St. Croix County. Town of Baldwin, Cady, Cylon, Eau Galle, Emerald, Erin Prairie, Forest, Town of Glenwood, Hammond, Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, and Rush River.

The Wisconsin Election Commission reports from it’s website:

Menominee County has concluded its Recount for President, and its numbers are included in the spreadsheet. (download spreadsheet)

The minutes of each county board of canvassers will include an explanation of any change of 10 or more votes in a reporting unit.

This is the explanation provided by the Menominee County Clerk for the differences in numbers between the canvass and the recount:

Johnson/Weld — different by 12 due to human error. Didn’t get added to our tally sheet.
Stein/Baraka — different by 17 due to human error. Wards 1,3,4,5 didn’t get added to tally sheet

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