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Obama: “This Is Fake News” – Voting Fraud Allegations

Obama: This is Fake News

In his final news conference President Barack Obama talks about how the United States is the only democracy to suppress the voting franchise and it can be traced directly back to racist Jim Crow laws. “This is fake news” he says about allegations of voting fraud that are used to justify voting restriction laws. Continue Reading →

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MN GOP Redefines “Public Testimony” To Advance Health Insurance Bill

Rep. Peggy Scott

In the haste to pass a more complicated fix to rising health insurance premiums than what Governor Dayton has proposed, MN Republicans are bending if not breaking rules intended to provide public input on the process. The latest: redefining “public testimony” as just one government official speaking at a hearing. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota Law Prevents “Faithless Electors” From Casting Presidential Ballots


If Minnesota presidential electors want to vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton on Monday, they won’t be allowed to vote. Minnesota’s Faithful Elector Act guarantees that the person who won the state’s popular vote for president gets the state’s ten electoral votes. Continue Reading →

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