Minnesota school board elections face a coordinated push by critics of Critical Race Theory, vaccines and masks

Conservative media outlets and thinktanks have ignited a groundswell of fear and anger about Critical Race Theory, vaccines and mask mandates in schools. In Minnesota, these concerns have been ignited in private Facebook groups and at rallies around the state. With school board elections on the horizon, progressive candidates have tried to push back on misinformation while elevating their desires for inclusive school environments.

Meet Ayan Omar – a Somali American Educator Using Literature to Mentor Refugee Youth

Ayan Omar (or, Ms. Omar as her students call her) is a St. Cloud resident, writer and Somali American English teacher. She is also a wife, mother and TEDx speaker who migrated to the U.S. in 1993 as a Somali refugee. After graduating from St. Cloud State University, Ayan became a language arts teacher. She has lived in St. Cloud since 2005.

In this interview, Ayan talks about her experiences growing up in the South and in Minnesota, and the different experiences of Somalis in Minneapolis versus in St. Cloud. Ayan also talks about the unique ways Somali refugees experience racism, and the need for healing justice for Somalis, Muslims, and Black communities.

Meet Binta Kanteh – a Young Gambian Muslim American Making Her Mark on Minnesota Politics

Meet Binta Kanteh, a Gambian American and Black Muslim woman working in public policy. She is currently the policy director to Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley. In this interview, Binta talks about her early career journey: personal experiences as the daughter of West African immigrants, how their migration story impacted her decision to work in politics, and what moves her as an up-and-coming Minnesotan policymaker.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many people are familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression manifests during the shorter days of winter. But what is SAD, and what can you do if you are experiencing symptoms?

Myths and Facts about Suicide

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Phone and chat options are available on their website.

Executive Order 21-25: Not a ban on conversion therapy, but an important step towards one

On July 15th of 2021, Gov. Tim Walz signed Executive Order 21-25, an order aimed at “protecting Minnesotans from conversion therapy.” Important to note about this order is that it is not an outright ban on the discredited and harmful practice. While seven Minnesota cities have implemented bans, including Duluth, Minneapolis, Red Wing, Robbinsdale, Saint Paul, West Saint Paul, and Winona, there is no state-level ban.

Telehealth in Minnesota

Although not a perfect fit for everyone, telehealth offers therapy from the safety and convenience of your home. People with limited or no access to transportation, those living in rural areas, those without childcare options, and those who simply prefer video sessions can get the treatment they need.

Community Mental Health Programs See Results for Minnesota Immigrants

“For people like Fatuma Ali, mental health recovery can be an even longer and tougher journey because, as Mental Health America and other organizations have often reported, certain aspects of immigration itself can have a greater impact on mental health due to the trauma and lack of social supports often associated with migration.”

Sanctuary Supply Depot aims to support houseless encampment residents

By: JD Duggan, Freelance Journalist

The group accepts donations at Boneshaker Books in Seward neighborhood 4-6 p.m. each day. After police disbanded an encampment that included hundreds of people in Powderhorn Park last summer, volunteers sought a new way to distribute resources. Unsheltered people moved to smaller encampments throughout the city and Sanctuary Supply Depot was formed. “We wanted to continue to support folks with supplies, but realized, Oh, the logistics of that are very different when everyone is spread out versus when everyone is in one place,” said Sarah Greenfield, an organizer with the Supply Depot. Greenfield is one of multiple volunteers and organizers that established the group last year.

Radical News Radio Hour: Environmental Justice, Immigrant Justice, the Budget, and Education (#50)

Today we’re talking about efforts to defund the Public Employees Relations Board with Saint Paul Federation of Teachers President Nick Faber. We’re also talking about the somewhat unexpected budget numbers with Clark Goldenrod with the Minnesota Budget Project. We’ll also hear from Antonia Alvarez, an immigration justice organizer currently on day seven of an 11-day fast in Washington, DC. Alvarez is President of a statewide and regional organization called Pueblo de Lucha y Esperanza. Finally we’ll hear from Steve Sandberg, Board member with the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute, on the future of Roof Depot property in Phillips neighborhood.

When A Loved One Comes Out

Family support is an essential protective factor against depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation for LGBT+ adolescents, and social support is vital for mental health outcomes.

Updates: Police reform legislation at the Minnesota State Legislature

After the murder of George Floyd last May, the Minnesota legislature saw momentum in police reform, passing a ban on choke holds and neck restraints, end warrior-style police training, and increase data collection around police use of deadly force. The recent death of Daunte Wright by police and the conviction of Derek Chauvin for Floyd’s death have renewed focus on police reform, though there has been pushback by Republicans in the Senate.