DFLers Unite:”The Danger Is Tom Emmer”

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Bill Clinton once said Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. At the DFL Unity Press Conference, Democrats fell in line and had no love lost for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. “Today we unite as DFLers we unite to beat Tom Emmer” said Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Unity is not something that always comes easily or naturally for Democrats. “The danger is Tom Emmer” said MN DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez

“The DFL doesn’t consider the minimum wage to be what Emmer calls socialism or the 35W bridge repair fund to be feel good legislation” said Mark Dayton

The Unity Press Conference came hours after the late-night primary race between DFL candidates Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton, and Matt Entenza. The margin between Kelliher and Dayton at times veered into recount territory.

Markos: Harry Reid “Whining” About 60 Votes Since Day 1

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Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas talks with The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler about the state of the progressive movement. Netroots Nation got its start as the YearlyKos Convention, so it was appropriate for DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas to stop by The UpTake booth during Netroots Nation 2010, which is held this year in Las Vegas. He pulled no punches about the Democrats’ performance and what was needed to win. On jobs and the economy.  The Democrats haven’t done enough, Moulitsas said. “That’s gonna come back and bite ‘em in the ass in November.”

On what progressive activists can do to force the administration to make the right kinds of change:  “Oh, Jesus Christ, what do we do to get them to listen?

Mayor Coleman: “There are going to some really difficult moments.”

Mayor Coleman of St. Paul and Minneapolis Mayor Rybak held a press conference in front of University Ave. grocery store this morning. They discussed new initiatives to support local businesses during the building of Central Corridor Light Rail Train. Mayor Coleman said that they recognized the process would not be easy, but they are considering the best ways to support local businesses.