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Chicago Public School Teachers On The Road To Striking

Chicago Teachers Union holds an informational picket- photo courtesy CTU

Chicago schools may be in recess soon if the city doesn’t bargain in good faith with its teachers. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) could legally begin striking after most schools enter their second week of classes. Milwaukee teachers have been asked to join the strike. Continue Reading →

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Post-Recall Demonstration Focuses On Fairness Issues

Click image to watch the Occupy Milwaukee march

The day after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived his recall election, hundreds of activists marched in the streets of Milwaukee in non-violent civil disobedience from Pere Marquette Park to City Hall and into the banking district. Continue Reading →

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“A Report Card is Coming, and (GOP Freshmen) Won’t be Coming Back”

St. Paul City Council Member Melvin Carter

Several thousand union members rallied at the State Capitol to lament the public-sector workers who are unemployed under a government shutdown, to protest the GOP’s all-cuts budget, and to commend Governor Dayton for fighting to increase taxes on Minnesota millionaires. Continue Reading →

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