Protest At McDonalds

Fight For $15 Draws Huge Crowd, Invades McDonalds

A rally for $15 an hour draws a huge crowd at the University of Minnesota. Many in the crowd then march to a nearby McDonald’s to confront the manager about the low wages the store pays workers.

Why Activists Shut Down Interstate 35W

A list of murdered people that was too long to finish reading, a push for a livable wage, both components of a long day of activism on the streets and interstates of Minneapolis.

Minnesota Workers Celebrate As Gov. Dayton Signs $9.50 Wage Law

Governor Mark Dayton signed the new minimum wage bill into law Monday in a jubilant celebration at the State Capitol that brought waves of emotion to the many groups that worked to see the law passed. The bill affects 375,000 minimum-wage workers in Minnesota, who will see their wages raised to $8 an hour starting in August and to $9.50 in 2016. (More…)

Fight For Living Wages Ends In 26 Black Friday Arrests in St Paul

Twenty-six people were arrested Friday during the “March to end Poverty Wages,” the culmination of a week of Black Friday actions pressing for better pay and working conditions and the right to organize for retail, janitorial and other low-wage workers in Minnesota.