Woman Almost Evicted By Company That Didn’t Own Her Home

Video by Bill Sorem, text by Mike McIntee
Minneapolis resident Connie Gretsch was bracing to be evicted from her longtime Minneapolis home. “I had this plan that when they came to take me out of my house that I was going to chain myself to my washer and dryer,” said Gretsch. “And when they would take me away I’d ask them to put the load in the dryer for me.” Gretsch then laughed at the thought. She could laugh now, because she had discovered the company trying to evict her had no right to do so.

No Short Sale Help From MN House

People moving for a new job often find they can’t because they owe more on their home than it is worth. A proposal to force banks to act on “short sales” within 30 days was voted down by Republicans in the House.

Minnesota Boasts Nation-Leading Solution to Home Foreclosure Crisis

The problem: Since 2005, more than 100,000 foreclosures have occurred throughout Minnesota, which has hurt families and destroyed communities.

The solution: Members of the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council — a unique partnership between public and private agencies, communities and cities — has helped 25,000 Minnesota homeowners avoid foreclosure within the last year. Minnesota’s foreclosure prevention program is the envy of the nation.