North Side Groups Aim At Gun Violence

North Side Minneapolis neighbors took aim at the ways that systemic racism perpetuates the cycle of violence at a forum organized by Protect Minnesota. The forum, which as held at the office of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change on Broadway Avenue, included a call to oppose a bill in the Minnesota State Senate which they say criminalizes youth of color, rather than focusing on prevention.

Gun Fight: Can Minnesota Have a Fair Gun Debate at Gunpoint?

What if they gave a debate about guns in society and there were no guns in the room?

Minnesota may never know what that would look like.

Last week’s series of hearings in the Minnesota State Capitol on legislation to reduce gun violence had an unintended and unforeseen outcome: Guns in society wasn’t the most pressing issue. Guns in the Capitol was.

Senator Barb Goodwin objects to gun bill

Objections To MN Gun Bill Fail

Senator Barb Goodwin raises objections to H.F. 1467 Defense of Dwelling and Person Act.
She says it should have another hearing since a New York Times article showed that Minnesota has problems with felons easily getting back their firearms once they are released from prison.