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Clark Shooting, Racial Disparities Fuel Grilling Of Minneapolis City Council Candidates

Anthony Newby - Neighborhoods Organizing For Change

Community anger in north Minneapolis over the police shooting of Jamar Clark is a force in the 2017 Minneapolis City Council races. That was apparent this past Thursday as activists and residents an opportunity to directly question City Council candidates about stopping police violence. Continue Reading →

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Why The NAACP Opposes MN Police Body Cam Bill

Nekima Levy-Pounds testifies at a House hearing on police body cams

Trust of the police and the justice system when it comes to people of color is low. So it may be surprising that the Minneapolis NAACP is against a bill in the Minnesota legislature that would pave the way for more cities to equip their police with “body cams” that could show conclusively if an officer took inappropriate action. Continue Reading →

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Video From Activists Puts Police On Notice In Advance Of Jamar Clark Announcement

Screen shot of Justice4Jamar video

Activists say they will not tolerate police engaging in excessive force and say they are planning “nonviolent, peaceful protest.” The police must strike a balance between protecting free speech and public safety says the video. Continue Reading →

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Artists “Break The Silence” Of White Privilege At #Justice4Jamar Fundraiser

Sagirah Shahid And Misty Rowan

“Doors getting slammed in their (minorities) faces and you don’t even notice there’s doors there. Because to you they’re just door frames.” said Poet Misty Rowan to the mostly black crowd that clicked their fingers in approval. Continue Reading →

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Mall Of America Target Again For Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Protest At Mall Of America

Black Lives Matter is threatening to protest at the nation’s largest shopping mall during one of the busiest shopping days of the year if its demands are not met, including the release of video surrounding the police shooting of Jamar Clark. Continue Reading →

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Man Claims Police Threatened Him After White Supremacists Shot Him

Shooting victim Wesley Martin and his Advocate Jermaine Alexander

When you’re the victim of a shooting you expect the police to help you, not threaten you. But that’s what Wesley Martin says happened to him after a group of white supremacists opened fire on him and four other Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis on November 23. Continue Reading →

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Jamar Clark Murder Investigation Already “Screwed Up,” Says Police Brutality Prevention Group

Michelle Gross

Michelle Gross says what Minneapolis police did at the shooting scene will prevent the state and federal investigators from gathering all of the eyewitness accounts. Continue Reading →

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