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Wisconsin Recount Results Through Monday – Milwaukee Absentee Ballots Still Not Counted

Wisconsin Recount

Wisconsin’s presidential recount is finding more votes for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but not enough Clinton votes for her to significantly cut into Trump’s 27,000 vote margin according to figures from the Wisconsin Elections Board tallied through Monday. Continue Reading →

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Wisconsin Recount Results Through Sunday Night Still Lack Milwaukee Absentee Totals

Wisconsin Recount

The only thing clear from the results of Wisconsin’s presidential recount so far is there has not been changes vote totals large enough that could change the outcome. We have the latest spreadsheet, explanations of changes and analysis of what it means. Continue Reading →

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GOP Files Election Complaint In Wisconsin Recount, Stein Campaign Calls FEC Complaint “PR Stunt”

Wisconsin Recount

In a complaint filed with the Federal Elections Commission, Wisconsin Republicans are claiming Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein illegally coordinated with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to launch the recount. Continue Reading →

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Unlike Donald Trump, Jill Stein Advocates For Citizen Control Over Police – Video Of Full Event In Minneapolis

Jill Stein and Anthony Newby

On the same night Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was calling for more police to “restore law and order” in minority neighborhoods, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was taking a much different approach. Continue Reading →

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