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Legislature Passes “Historic Step Backwards” On Environment

Sen. Scott Dibble

A revolt among Minnesota Senate Democrats failed to stop the passage on an environmental bill early Saturday morning. Debate on the legislation which DFL Sen. Scott Dibble had called a “historic step backwards” for the environment forced what was supposed to be a one day special session into the early hours of Saturday morning. Continue Reading →

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Lawmakers React To What Gov. Dayton Did And Didn’t Say In State Of State Address

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen reacts to Governor Mark Dayton's State of the State address.

What Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said in his State of the State address Thursday night generally energized Democrats and brought criticism from Republicans. But the Governor was also chided by lawmakers from both parties for some of the things he didn’t talk about. Continue Reading →

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Your Skin Cleanser Could Be Killing The Environment

Senator John Marty

Senator John Marty says microplastics and microbeads used in personal products such as skin cleansers are poisoning Minnesota’s environment because they can’t be screened out at water treatment plants. He wants them banned. The bill advanced Tuesday on a voice vote of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota Workers Celebrate As Gov. Dayton Signs $9.50 Wage Law


Governor Mark Dayton signed the new minimum wage bill into law Monday in a jubilant celebration at the State Capitol that brought waves of emotion to the many groups that worked to see the law passed. The bill affects 375,000 minimum-wage workers in Minnesota, who will see their wages raised to $8 an hour starting in August and to $9.50 in 2016. (More…) Continue Reading →

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Freedom At Midnight: After Years of Struggle, Same-Sex Marriage Arrives in Minnesota

Finally a Family in the Eyes of the Law: Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke celebrate their new marriage with son, Louie. Photo for The UpTake by Judy Griesedieck

Weddings often begin after the appointed time, but this one was almost too early: If Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke pledged their troth before the big clock on the Minneapolis City Hall tower struck Midnight, it wouldn’t count. Continue Reading →

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GOP All-Cuts Budget Targets Called “Fake”, “Silly” and Lacking Fiscal Discipline

2011 Legislative Session

“Despite their rhetoric of ‘no new taxes’, Republicans are proposing huge tax increases on every homeowner and renter in the state,” DFL Senator John Marty said today at a joint news conference with Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk. Continue Reading →

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Replay – DFL Sens. Bakk, Marty Attack GOP Senate Tax Bill

Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk

DFL Senators Tom Bakk and John Marty held a news conference in the Minnesota State Capitol this morning where they attacked the GOP-controlled Senate’s Omnibus Tax Bill, which includes deep cuts to property tax relief programs such as Local Government Aid and the renters’ property tax refund program. Continue Reading →

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Replay – Governor Dayton Discusses Campaign Finance Reform Proposal

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's Official Photo

Governor Dayton will hold a press conference today at 11 a.m. to discuss a new proposal for campaign finance reform. He will be joined by Senator John Marty and Representative Ryan Winkler, chief authors of the legislation which will be introduced tomorrow, as well as Senator Katie Sieben and Representative Steve Simon. Continue Reading →

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Gov Dayton Signs Tax Reductions into Law

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's Official Photo

Today, Governor Mark Dayton will hold a ceremony to sign HF 79/SF 47 into law. This legislation will provide $13 million in state tax reductions for college students and their parents, teachers, businesses and other tax payers by adopting most federal tax law changes made for the 2010 tax year. Continue Reading →

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