Vasectomies, Viagra And “War On Women”

Saying she is sick of the “war on women”, Representative Phyllis Kahn proposes that reproductive health bills treat men and women equally. She proposes that men have counseling before a vasectomy because it might prevent a “live birth” and have a stress test to make sure viagra won’t cause them to have a heart attack.

Anti-ALEC Proposal Voted Down In MN Senate

The Minnesota State Senate refused to consider a proposal that would require more disclosure from and about groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which offers “model legislation” that is often turned into bills by conservatives.

No Short Sale Help From MN House

People moving for a new job often find they can’t because they owe more on their home than it is worth. A proposal to force banks to act on “short sales” within 30 days was voted down by Republicans in the House.

Representative Paul Thissen

MN School Shift Debate Previews Fall Campaign Themes

Debate over a Republican plan lower Minnesota state reserves to pay back schools brought DFL amendments to close corporate tax loopholes. The amendments never got put to a vote, but both sides got a chance to preview the rhetoric they will likely be using on the Fall campaign trail.

Rep Ryan Winkler and Sen Katie Seiben hold "Pay Back Our Kids" news conference

MN Dems Push “Pay Back Our Kids” Act

A tearful mother tells reporters that her daughter goes to kindergarten with 28 kids, she can’t get the individual attention she needs. Democrats say the state’s repeated borrowing from school funds is to blame for large class sizes.