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MNGOP: Expand Tax Break For Low-Income Seniors To All Retirees

GOP Retire In Minnesota News Conference

Minnesota Republicans are proposing the state eventually eliminate its tax on Social Security benefits. Currently Minnesota taxes Social Security benefits at the same rate as the federal government, meaning that people whose income mostly relies on social security is not taxed, but those who have additional income are taxed.
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GOP Evasiveness On Voter Photo ID Leads To Court Challenge

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An UpTake video review of how Republicans drafted and answered questions about the “voter photo ID” amendment indicates they did not want the ballot language to be very detailed and the authors have consistently sidestepped questions about the language. Continue Reading →

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Today’s UpTake: Dayton Welcomes Farmers; GOP Pushes Voter ID

Puppy 1

Another beat building to a crescendo is the legislative activity surrounding a Republican-proposed Voter ID law, which will be heard today at 10:15 by the House Government Operations and Elections Committee. Continue Reading →

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MN Voter ID Battle Heats Up: Does Zellers Have Enough Votes?


Last Friday, Republican House Majority Leader Kurt Zellers told reporters how he’s confident the newly GOP-controlled body can pass a Voter ID law “with 80-90 votes” including some Democratic support. Continue Reading →

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