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Tweeting False Info Invites MN Senate Ethics Investigation

Senator Gretchen Hoffman

State Senator Barb Goodwin asks for an apology and an ethics investigation after Senator Gretchen Hoffman had tweeted that Goodwin was calling mentally ill people “imbiciles”. Goodwin is also demanding an ethics investigation into Republican staffer Michael Brodkorb who repeated the falsity in another tweet. Continue Reading →

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NRA Uses Fear To Sell Guns, Says Minnesota State Senator

Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL-Fridley)

Minnesota State Senator Barb Goodwin (Democratic Farm Labor party) says that a “shoot first” gun bill proposed by Republicans would make Minnesota seem like the wild west. She tells how her father was a postman and how this would add fear to that line of work. Continue Reading →

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MN GOP Has “Impulse Control” Issues On Mental Health Budget Says Sen. Sheran

Representative Mindy Greiling

Minnesota Senator Kathy Sheran is supporting mental health groups who are concerned about Republican-proposed cuts to children’s mental health care programs. Some of the cut are complete eliminations says Greiling, and will effect not just the poor, but all children no matter what their income level.
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