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Today’s UpTake: Blizzard Inundates Twin Cities, Deflates Metrodome Roof

The Metrodome's Ripped Roof

The winter storm that hit the Upper Midwest this weekend and dumped 17.1 inches of snow on the Twin Cities was reportedly the nastiest storm to hit these parts since 1991. Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that the Metrodome roof had deflated and partly caved in. Continue Reading →

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Today’s UpTake: Frivolous Challenges Mount in Hennepin County

Hennepin County Elections Manager Rachel Smith Talks About Recount

Hennepin County Elections Manager Rachel Smith says that the nearly 1,000 “frivolous” challenges made by Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign have been “a bit unnecessary”, and perhaps evoke comparisons to the mountain of “frivolous challenges” made in 2008 by the Norm Coleman campaign. Continue Reading →

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