Minnesota budget deficit

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GOP Claims Responsibility For MN Surplus: DFL Calls Claim “Laughable”

Click Photo to Watch GOP Sen. Senjem Claim Credit for State Surplus

Minnesota Senate Majority Leader David Senjem (GOP) says his party will claim responsibility for the state’s surplus. House Minority Leader Paul Thissen (DFL) calls that claim “laughable” since most of the money contributing to the surplus has been borrowed. Continue Reading →

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Voter ID Mandate Would Cost Minnesota Over $80 Million

Mike Dean, Executive Director Of Common Cause Minnesota

Common Cause Minnesota and Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota released a briefing paper showing that the State of Minnesota is severely underestimating the significant cost of the voter ID mandates moving through the Minnesota legislature. Continue Reading →

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MN House Passes $1 Billion Budget Cutting HF130

2011 Legislative Session

This evening the Minnesota House passed HF130, which would take a $1 billion slice out of the state‚Äôs projected $6.2 billion budget shortfall by cutting $181 million in spending and reducing the next two-year budget by $822 million. Governor Dayton will likely veto the bill. Continue Reading →

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