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MN Rep Beard Admits GOP Opposition to Light Rail Both Economical and Ideological


Before the House floor session began today at noon, House Transportation Finance Committee Chair Mike Beard (GOP) spoke to the press and outlined the Republicans’ proposed transportation finance legislation, which would increase funding for roads and bridges in rural Minnesota but eliminate money for a planned light rail train between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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Thissen Accuses MN GOP of Throwing Local Government Under De-funded Bus


DFL House Minority Leader Paul Thissen (Richfield) spoke to the media this morning in advance of today’s House floor session. He read the following statement in opposition to GOP proposed budget cuts to Local Government Aid and transportation funds, and took questions afterward. Continue Reading →

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MN Voter ID Battle Heats Up: Does Zellers Have Enough Votes?


Last Friday, Republican House Majority Leader Kurt Zellers told reporters how he’s confident the newly GOP-controlled body can pass a Voter ID law “with 80-90 votes” including some Democratic support. Continue Reading →

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ACLU Speaks Out Against Proposed MN Voter ID Law

2011 Legislative Session

In response to legislation sponsored by Minnesota Republicans that would mandate the use of Voter IDs during elections, the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota has jumped into action and delivered a letter to members of the media, voicing its opposition. The State House discussed the measure today, and will continue to do so next week before taking a vote. Continue Reading →

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MN GOP Pulls a Rahm Emanuel on Iron Range DFL Nominee Carly Melin

Carly Melin Candidate for DFL House Senate 5B endorsement

On Tuesday, 25-year-old Carly Melin won the DFL primary in advance of a Feb. 15 special election for state House seat 5B in Minnesota’s Iron Range. Yesterday state Republican chair Tony Sutton claimed that Melin didn’t meet legislative residency requirements. Continue Reading →

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MN House Considers Rescinding Next Generation Act

2011 Legislative Session

Yesterday the Minnesota House’s Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Policy and Finance Committee entertained motion HF72 in an effort to rescind the state’s ban on carbon dioxide emissions by utilities. Continue Reading →

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MN House Passes $1 Billion Budget Cutting HF130

2011 Legislative Session

This evening the Minnesota House passed HF130, which would take a $1 billion slice out of the state’s projected $6.2 billion budget shortfall by cutting $181 million in spending and reducing the next two-year budget by $822 million. Governor Dayton will likely veto the bill. Continue Reading →

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