Woman Almost Evicted By Company That Didn’t Own Her Home

Video by Bill Sorem, text by Mike McIntee
Minneapolis resident Connie Gretsch was bracing to be evicted from her longtime Minneapolis home. “I had this plan that when they came to take me out of my house that I was going to chain myself to my washer and dryer,” said Gretsch. “And when they would take me away I’d ask them to put the load in the dryer for me.” Gretsch then laughed at the thought. She could laugh now, because she had discovered the company trying to evict her had no right to do so.

Declaration Of Independence

Why We Celebrate July 4th

Most of us know July 4th is the day the United States issued the Declaration of Independence. But have you ever read it? Here is a video of notable Minnesotans reading the declaration.

Al Franken Does His Kanye West Imitation (Sort Of)

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Even US Senators have to deal with relatives. Senator Al Franken has to leave the FCC hearing on Internet Neutrality early because he’s visiting his in-laws. But Franken knows he can catch up on the entire hearing later by watching it guess where? Yeah, that’s right– on The UpTake. Full video of the FCC hearing can be found here.

Senator Al Franken

Franken: Net Neutrality “Biggest Issue Since Freedom of Religion”

“Net Neutrality is the biggest issue since Freedom of Religion, which until last week I thought we had worked out” – Senator Al Franken

Al Franken is the only U.S. Senator with firsthand knowledge of TV networks. That knowledge has helped him forge a forceful argument about megamergers such as Google/Verizon and Comcast/Viacom. These mergers would abolish Net Neutrality, or equal access to the Internet despite the content or the size of the customer. “A corporation’s only obligation is to its bottom line, not to you and me” said Franken. He spoke August 19 at a public hearing in Minneapolis on the future of the Internet .

DFLers Unite:”The Danger Is Tom Emmer”

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Bill Clinton once said Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. At the DFL Unity Press Conference, Democrats fell in line and had no love lost for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. “Today we unite as DFLers we unite to beat Tom Emmer” said Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Unity is not something that always comes easily or naturally for Democrats. “The danger is Tom Emmer” said MN DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez

“The DFL doesn’t consider the minimum wage to be what Emmer calls socialism or the 35W bridge repair fund to be feel good legislation” said Mark Dayton

The Unity Press Conference came hours after the late-night primary race between DFL candidates Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton, and Matt Entenza. The margin between Kelliher and Dayton at times veered into recount territory.