Kelliher:No Concession Until All Votes Counted

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“It’s been a long night” said Candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher around 12:30 AM, “..and it’s going to be a little bit longer night”. For most of the night, Kelliher led in the DFL Gubernatorial Primary. But as the night turned into day and the votes came in from St. Louis County in Minnesota’s Iron Range, Mark Dayton pulled ahead of Kelliher. Dayton spent the last day before the primary campaigning in that area.

Journalists Fact Check DFL/IP MN Governor Candidates

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Recently several reporters who cover Minnesota politics got together to talk about what it takes to fact check the candidates running for Governor. In this video we hear from Minnesota Public Radio’s Tom Scheck, WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler, MinnPost’s Eric Black and PoliGraph’s Catharine Richert about fact checking DFL candidates Matt Entenza, Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher as well as IP candidate Tom Horner. It’s a fascinating discussion. If you missed it, we’ve posted the entire forum here. Our next video looks at journalists fact checking Republican candidate Tom Emmer.

Dayton’s Money Vs. The DFL Process

Following the debate in Mankato earlier this month, we ask DFL candidate for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton the question that’s been hanging out there. Is it fair for a candidate to spend so much of their own money? Dayton’s campaign has been largely self-financed.

Hahn Once Again Pressuring Horner to Release Client List

Minutes after a shouting match with his Independence Party rival on KFAI radio, Independence Party candidate Rob Hahn held a news conference aimed at pressuring his opponent Tom Horner to release a list of the clients he had while working at PR agency Himle-Horner. Hahn also denied that there was any conversations with Republicans to cross over and vote for him in the Independence Party Primary on Tuesday. The Republican candidate for Governor, Tom Emmer, is expected to easily win the primary. Hahn made reference to a new TV ad where he admits he made a mistake that resulted in his wife obtaining a restraining order against him. According to Hahn, he had invited Horner to the press conference, but Horner was nowhere to be seen.

Fact Check: Emmer’s E20 Voting Record

History has a way of repeating itself.  In 2006 Democrat Mike Hatch was locked in a tight race for Governor with Republican Tim Pawlenty.  A few days before the election Hatch’s running mate, Judi Dutcher, appeared not to know what E85 was and Hatch ended up losing the race. That foggy type of recollection is an issue again in 2010.  Except this time the question is not what is E85 or in this case E20.. but did you vote for it or against it. Here are some excerpts from the Gubernatorial debate at Farmfest Wednesday:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher- DFL endorsed candidate for Governor:
“Now my Republican opponent Tom Emmer has not supported biofuels. And I’m going to be very interested in his answer today.

MN Farmers Union Endorses Walz For Congress

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The Minnesota Farmers Union announced on Tuesday it is endorsing Congressman Tim Walz (DFL) for re-election in Minnesota’s first district. The MFU also endorsed Congressman Collin Peterson (DFL) for re-election in the seventh district. Walz talked about his opponents’ “short sighted” energy policies. “How quickly they forget the ‘drill here, drill now’ people.” Walz told the Farmfest crowd.

Clark On Bachmann Skipping Debate

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DFL endorsed candidate for Congress Tarryl Clark is questioning her opponent Representative Michele Bachmann’s priorities. Both Bachmann and Clark were scheduled to appear at today’s Farmfest debate near Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Bachmann did not show up. Clark says Bachmann has been “campaigning by Skype” in other states, but somehow can’t find the time for keeping her promises in Minnesota.

Pawlenty “Not Concerned” About 3% Presidential Poll Number

Governor Tim Pawlenty says he is not concerned about his low presidential poll numbers in New Hampshire, which will hold the nation’s first presidential primary in 2010.  The poll from Public Policy Polling shows Governor Pawlenty with just a 3% among Republicans. In the poll, Mitt Romney leads the way with 31% to 14% for Newt Gingrich, 13% for Ron Paul, 12% for Mike Huckabee, 9% for Sarah Palin, 3% for Tim Pawlenty, and 1% for Mitch Daniels. Public Policy Polling notes:
-We get a lot of e-mail asking us to include Tim Pawlenty in all of our 2012 Presidential polling but his numbers here are a reminder of why we aren’t- yet. Pawlenty was at 3% in our New Hampshire polling in April and he’s still there. He’s getting a lot of attention in insider circles as he positions himself for a 2012 bid but it’s not translating to the general public enough yet for him to make a real dent in the polls.

Consumer Vents At Target For Right-Wing Donation

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Last week Target Corporation gave $150,000 to Minnesota Forward, a group supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota governor. This donation, clearly acceptable under the new Citizens United Supreme Court ruling angered many in the state, seeing this as a $150,000 contribution to fund anti-gay politics since Emmer has many anti-gay connections. One Eden Prairie mom and grandmother took her anger directly to a Target. Her repeated attempts to get to Target executives failed so she took her Target Charge Card. A $226 purchase on that card was immediately returned for credit and she scissored her Target card into little pieces to be used no more.

Clark:Michele Bachmann not fighting for Minnesotans

Click to Play Minnesota State Senator Tarryl Clark (DFL) was one of the speakers preceding Al Franken in the closing program for Netroots Nation. Clark is running against Republican Michele Bachmann for Minnesotas U.S. Representative, Sixth District. Clark encouraged activism through door knocking and online, saying that small active donors can outperform large donors.

Protecting MN Borders From Asian Carp

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United States Senator Amy Klobuchar and Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson announce efforts to fight the invasion of Asian Carp into Lake Superior and the Upper Mississippi River. Video from Minnesota Senate Media Services

Franken “Net neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time.”

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Senator Al Franken (D-Min) didnt disappoint as he wrapped up the 2010 Netroots conference. While he thanked supporters and activists, specifically mentioning The UpTake for chronicling the eight-month recount, he cautioned everyone against giving up the fight. Among his comments:Corporations arent inherently evil but they are inherently powerful. They know more about you than you know about them. We didnt get everything we wanted but if we give up now, the Republicans will take away everything that we did get.

The UpTake Showed The World “Our Victory Was Fair And Legitimate”

Senator Al Franken talks about The UpTake at Netroots Nation 2010 in Las Vegas
“When the main stream media relying on bad information was pronouncing us dead during the recount, it was bloggers like Nate Silver who were able to change the conventional wisdom. “Meanwhile, The UpTake, my state’s own homegrown source for citizen journalism …The UpTake was showing the world that Minnesota is not Florida and that our victory was fair and legitimate.”

Franken:“The UpTake Proved that Minnesota Is Not Florida”

Senator Al Franken (D-Min) didn’t disappoint as he wrapped up the 2010 Netroots conference. While he thanked supporters and activists, specifically mentioning The UpTake for chronicling the eight-month recount, he cautioned everyone against giving up the fight. Among his comments:

“Corporations aren’t inherently evil but they are inherently powerful. They know more about you than you know about them.” We didn’t get everything we wanted but if we give up now, the Republicans will take away everything that we did get. Once, only the government could threaten your First Amendment rights.

Clark:Return Minnesota’s Sixth District to its Base

Click to Play The race for Minnesotas Sixth Congressional District office, held by Michele Bachmann, has gathered nationwide interest. Bachmann’s opponent, Democrat Tarryl Clark wants to return the district to its Minnesota roots. Speaking at Netroots, she told us that Bachmanns pursuit of her own agenda hasnt helped create jobs. That people in the Sixth District are fearful, but not about Tea Party issues: theyre fearful of losing their jobs, not being able to afford college for their kids, not having effective infrastructure for transportation.

Mayor Coleman announces new small business initiatives

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak & St. Paul Mayor Coleman held a press conference today in front of a St. Paul grocery store in on University Ave. They announced new initiatives to support University Ave small businesses during the building of the Central Corridor Light Rail Train. The new initiatives, including a $1.5 million loan for small businesses, are part of a support system for small businesses in St.

Mayor Coleman: “There are going to some really difficult moments.”

Mayor Coleman of St. Paul and Minneapolis Mayor Rybak held a press conference in front of University Ave. grocery store this morning. They discussed new initiatives to support local businesses during the building of Central Corridor Light Rail Train. Mayor Coleman said that they recognized the process would not be easy, but they are considering the best ways to support local businesses.

Hopkins Raspberries Bring Out Candidates

By Bill Sorem

The annual Hopkins Raspberry Festival Grande Day Parade turned out most of the political Who’s Who for the southwestern Twin City suburbs. Lots of pre-election enthusiasm, lots of handshakes and waves.