Dems Take Back MN House, Thissen Next Speaker

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen is introduced as the next speaker of the Minnesota House. Democrats (DFL) won a majority of the seats in the Minnesota House and Senate in Tuesday’s election, wresting control of the legislature from Republicans.

Congressional Candidate Backs Down After Earmark Challenge

Senator Mike Parry, who is running as a Republican in Minnesota’s first congressional district offers up what appears to be an “earmark” in Minnesota’s transportation bill to fix a road he is concerned about. After he is challenged about earmarks, he withdraws his proposal.

June Primary Fails In MN Senate

An effort to move Minnesota’s state primary to June was met with bipartisan opposition in the Senate. Instead, a bill that would move the primary from August to June was sent back to conference committee.

MN GOP The Real Deadbeat On School Debt Says DFL

Is taking money from the state’s reserves to pay back schools when Minnesota is facing a predicted deficit next biennium a wise move? Rep. Ryan Winkler says the K-12 “shift” repayment will weaken the state and still leave it owing schools two billion dollars.

Vasectomies, Viagra And “War On Women”

Saying she is sick of the “war on women”, Representative Phyllis Kahn proposes that reproductive health bills treat men and women equally. She proposes that men have counseling before a vasectomy because it might prevent a “live birth” and have a stress test to make sure viagra won’t cause them to have a heart attack.

Anti-ALEC Proposal Voted Down In MN Senate

The Minnesota State Senate refused to consider a proposal that would require more disclosure from and about groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which offers “model legislation” that is often turned into bills by conservatives.