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Making Media More Responsive, More Reflective of Life in Communities


Mike Wassenar from Saint Paul Neighborhood Network told The UpTake’s Sam Mayfield at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston last weekend that he’s here because NCMR is an intersection of people doing work on government policy funding initiatives, practitioners doing education work in local communities, media practitioners, storytellers, people working on diversity issues, and activists. Continue Reading →

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Corporate America Has Co-opted Weak and Complicit Fourth Estate


Speaking at his last National Conference for Media Reform as CEO, Josh Silver said that “after 40 years of methodical and well-organized organizing and financing, the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans have achieved near complete control of political discourse and policy-making in America.” Continue Reading →

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Free and Open Internet a Non-partisan Issue


At the National Conference for Media Reform, the UpTake’s Sam Mayfield spoke with Craig Aaron, the new CEO of Free Press, who says he entered this line of work because he cares deeply about journalism and the free and open Internet. “If we don’t fix media, then we won’t be able to fix any issue that we care about,” says Aaron. Continue Reading →

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