Nekima Levy-Pounds testifies at a House hearing on police body cams

Why The NAACP Opposes MN Police Body Cam Bill

Trust of the police and the justice system when it comes to people of color is low. So it may be surprising that the Minneapolis NAACP is against a bill in the Minnesota legislature that would pave the way for more cities to equip their police with “body cams” that could show conclusively if an officer took inappropriate action.

Mall Of America Target Again For Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is threatening to protest at the nation’s largest shopping mall during one of the busiest shopping days of the year if its demands are not met, including the release of video surrounding the police shooting of Jamar Clark.

Barricaded Police Station Symbol Of Separate But Unequal Minneapolis

Minneapolis has put up a prison like barricade around a police station in the wake of Black Lives Matters protests. “What are they trying to keep out?” ask the protesters who want the “disturbing” barricade removed and more transparent investigation of the police shooting of an unarmed black man.

Spitting And Lurking Ordinance Hearing

Can These Stories Help Eliminate Structural Racism?

It takes more than a law to eliminate structural racism. According to Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon it also takes people speaking up and telling their stories. Listen to some of them.