President Obama delivers his weekly address

Obama’s Fair Fix For Responsible Homeowners

The housing crisis has been the single largest drag on America’s economic recovery. President Obama wants to fix that fairly for homeowners who have been responsible, but not the ones who took out huge mortgages or bought multiple homes.

President Obama talks tourism and previews his state of the union address

Obama’s State Of The Union Preview

President Obama tells the American people about a series of steps he’s taken without the help of Congress to grow the economy and create jobs — including a new strategy aimed at boosting tourism introduced this week.

Progressive Democrats of America Founder Tim Carpenter

Progressives Challenge Obama In Iowa

Saying the Barack Obama has not kept his promises, Progressive Democrats of America founder Tim Carpenter is organizing people to go to the Iowa caucus and vote for “uncommitted” as a way challenge President Obama.

President Obama delivers end of year weekly address for 2011

Obama Hopeful About 2012

President Obama tells the American people that although there will be tough debates to come in the new year, by joining together, we can continue to help grow the economy and create jobs across the country.

Michelle Obama & President Barack Obama send their Christmas greetings

Merry Christmas From The Obamas

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama offer a special holiday tribute to the men and women who wear our country’s uniform and the families who support them.