Speaking Up Over Attorney General’s Silence On FBI Misdeeds

Irate peace activists interrupted US Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech about youth programs several times in frustration for what they characterize as an FBI Witch Hunt violating the First Amendment rights of citizens to protest. Holder is one of the few people in the country who could reign in this action, but he has so far refused to comment on it or to act in any way

Minneapolis Anti-War Committee Chalks Up FBI

The Anti-War Committee and a number of their allies staged a protest rally on chalked sidewalks in front of the Minneapolis FBI office yesterday. The FBI has issued 23 subpoenas for the Chicago Grand Jury including nine from Minnesota. The Minnesotans’ homes were raided last September 24. Repeat subpoenas were issued to three of the Minnesota groups but they, like the rest of the targets, have refused to appear before the Grand Jury.

The Free Speech Nightmare Is Going To Get Worse

There is a long history of periodic government attacks on civil liberties from Revolutionary days, Civil War, World War I, the 1930s and of course the McCarthy era. Targets have differed from the communists of the 50s to “terrorists” today.