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MN GOP Redefines “Public Testimony” To Advance Health Insurance Bill

Rep. Peggy Scott

In the haste to pass a more complicated fix to rising health insurance premiums than what Governor Dayton has proposed, MN Republicans are bending if not breaking rules intended to provide public input on the process. The latest: redefining “public testimony” as just one government official speaking at a hearing. Continue Reading →

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Schools Allowing Apple To Spy On Your Kids — These Lawmakers Want It To Stop

apple computers and students

Apple’s iPad lease agreement with schools allows it to gather students names and birth date as well as track how the iPad is used. Privacy advocates say “It’s essentially the government using their power to coerce individual students into data sharing arrangements with private companies.” Continue Reading →

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Video Replay- Data Privacy Constitutional Amendment Needed Says Broad Coalition

Data Privacy Constitutional Amendment News Conference

It’s not often you get Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and members of Occupy to agree on something. Monday that happened as legislators held a news conference to promote an amendment to Minnesota’s constitution to protect personal data from unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant.
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