Obama On Kagan Confirmation

President Obama comments on the Senate’s confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. This is audio from Chicago. “Good afternoon. I am very pleased that the Senate has just voted to confirm Elena Kagan as our nation’s 112th Supreme Court Justice. I would like to thank the Senate Judiciary Committee, particularly it’s chairman, Senator Leahy for giving her a full, fair and timely hearing.

Obama To GOP: Stop Undisclosed Corporate Political Ads

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President Obama tells the press that tomorrow’s Senate vote on campaign finance reform is important. The Disclose Act would require a company’s CEO to appear in a political ad identifying that his company paid for it. Corporations are now free to spend on political advertising because of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. The President notes that even foreign countries and companies are now free to influence US elections. He says changing this should be a non-partisan issue.

Obama Blasts GOP Over Unemployment Benefits

President Obama calls upon Republican Senators to stop holding the unemployed hostage and extend their benefits. ; He says the same Senators are willing to spend Billions on extending Bush era tax cuts for the rich.