“That’s Not Democracy” – Target’s Political Gift In Song

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Story By Susan Maricle, Video by Skye Steele
“That’s not democracy. I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars

for a governor who’ll be nice to me.”

Professional violinist Skye Steele gave an impromptu performance to a manager of a Target store located near Steele’s home of Brooklyn, New York. The message, set to an upbeat bluesy tune on the mandolin: a protest of Target Stores’ decision to give $150,000 to MnForward, the political action group that supports Tom Emmer. “I don’t live in Minnesota, but I do shop at Target,” Steele explained. He wrote the song That’s Not Democracy and decided to create his own video after seeing an UpTake video on MoveOn.org.

Survey: Target Apology Not Enough

Sorry may be a good start, but an UpTake survey indicates it’s not enough for people boycotting or spending less at Target. They are upset because of Target’s political donation to a group running TV ads supporting Republican Tom Emmer for Governor of Minnesota. Emmer has ties to anti-gay groups. As we showed you last week, those anti-gay ties prompted a Twin Cities woman to return her purchases to Target and cut up her Target credit card.  Since then more than 250,000 signatures have been gathered on petitions protesting Target’s donation.

Target HQ Gets 240,000 Boycott Notices

By Bill Sorem

High noon, August 6, 2010. Irate activists visited Target headquarters about the boycott of Target Stores for the $150,000 contribution the corporation made to a group supporting Republican Tom Emmer. Activists say Emmer is seen as an enemy of LGBT people, immigrants and other groups. Randi Reitan, the woman seen by more than 250,000 people in an UpTake video last week cutting up her Target charge card to protest Target’s action was joined by her husband Phillip and Son Jacob to deliver signatures of 240,000 people across the nation to the Target CEO. Target security blocked the public skyway entrance leading to the 2nd floor lobby forcing the group to deliver their petitions to the foot of the frozen escalator.

Immigration Added To Target Contribution Woes

Click to Play Resentment of Target’s $150,000 contribution to group supporting Tom Emmer grows. Emmer’s views on immigration attracted the Boycott Arizona group in supporting LGBT concerns and in boycotting Target stores. Emmer’s stance on a number of social issues attracts resistance from many quarters. Note:while some of the protesters say the Target donation went directly to Tom Emmer, it did not. It went to MN Forward who then bought TV ads supporting Tom Emmer.

250,000 Signatures To Be Delivered To Target

Gay rights activists will descend upon Target’s downtown Minneapolis headquarters tomorrow (Friday) at noon to deliver more than 250,000 signatures on petitions protesting the retail giant’s donation to a political fund that is running TV ads for Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor Tom Emmer. Emmer has ties to anti-gay groups, and has called members of those groups “good people.” Watch for live coverage of the event on The UpTake.

Today’s UpTake – Thurs Aug 5

All you need to know about politics today. Minnesota primary looms just 5 days away, campaigning heats up
Republican Tom Emmer told a Farmfest crowd that he voted for E20.  Not so says his DFL opponent Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  Who’s right? We sort it out here with the video clips and the real voting records.

Today’s UpTake – Wed Aug 4, 2010

A quick summary of what you need to know about politics today. Minnesota Governor’s race
The big event is the Farmfest debate which features a rare appearance by Republican Tom Emmer.  Emmer has been absent at most of the inter-party debates so far this campaign season.  Video of the debate from a farm field near Redwood Falls will be live streamed on The UpTake as long as the internet connection cooperates. Continue reading and get the latest on endorsements, Congressional races and campaign finance issues. DFL endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher added another newspaper endorsement to her list today.  On the heels of her Star Tribune and ECM newspaper endorsement comes one from the University of Minnesota student run newspaper The Minnesota Daily.  The endorsement says “The Editorial Board interviewed every candidate and we think Kelliher has the smartest approach to filling the $6 billion budget gap.” The Daily also likes Matt Entenza’s policies saying they don’t differ much from Kelliher.  However, the paper says Entenza’s campaign conduct does. “The decision to select former Fox 9 news anchor Robyne Robinson — who has no political experience — as his lieutenant governor contrasts sharply with Kelliher’s pick of John Gunyou, a former finance commissioner.

Consumer Vents At Target For Right-Wing Donation

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Last week Target Corporation gave $150,000 to Minnesota Forward, a group supporting Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota governor. This donation, clearly acceptable under the new Citizens United Supreme Court ruling angered many in the state, seeing this as a $150,000 contribution to fund anti-gay politics since Emmer has many anti-gay connections. One Eden Prairie mom and grandmother took her anger directly to a Target. Her repeated attempts to get to Target executives failed so she took her Target Charge Card. A $226 purchase on that card was immediately returned for credit and she scissored her Target card into little pieces to be used no more.